The secret to tackle your IBS symptoms and be FREE of belly ache

Let us help you getting a head start in creating a happy belly!

The Heal Your Belly Expert Series is online.  

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Heal Your Belly: The secret to tackle your IBS symptoms and be free of belly ache

Do you dream about never having to worry about being close to a bathroom or what’s going to trigger the pain in your stomach? 

Wonder no more… 

Let these worldclass experts help you getting a head start in creating a happy belly!  

The Heal Your Belly Expert series is online. Experts sharing knowledge to help you to find the best option for you to treat your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Reduce pain from your irritated bowel 

Do you recognise these symptoms: cramping and pain in the abdomen, constipation and/or diarrhoea, a lot of gas, bloating, stomach pain, discomfort etc? The Heal Your Belly Expert series t is here for you! Discover which treatment suits you best explained by the IBS experts from all over the world. 

Are you tired of walking around with: 

  • Cramping 
  • Bloating 
  • Too much gas 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Or constipation? 
  • … and want to end taking your belly problems into account every time you leave the house? 


You are not alone! Let us help you.

Join The Heal Your Belly Expert series and learn to make the right decision for your body with a better understanding of possible treatments and solutions like:

The ground work

  • Key components of digestive health 
  • General Testing for IBS 
  • Breath testing 
  • Latest on science 

Low FODMAP diet

  • The Basics 
  • Reintroduction  
  • Meeting the nutrients needs
  • Recipe Adaption, Label Reading 

Even more to choose  

  • SIBO 
  • Hypnotherapy
  • and much much more…

Plus FREE Bonus:  

  • The Mini Guide to Rechallenging & Reintroducing FODMAPs by LeeMartin, RD 
  • Happy living with a Calm Belly 7 days free low FODMAP diet by Fodmap-diet.com
  • Gut Rx Gurus Travel trips and tricks by SIBO Guru Angela Pifer
  • Handy infographics about allergies and gluten by Allergyplatform.com


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Worldclass Expert Speakers helping you getting a belly ache free life: 

Angela Pifer, MS, Certified Nutritionist 

SIBO Guru, USA  

Do you have a SIBO diagnose or are you expecting SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) to be at the root of your health problems? Learn from SIBO Guru Angela Pifer more about this condition as she shares her clinical pearls in a two hour seminar!

Julianne Lyngstad, RD 

Godt for magen, Norway 

Since 2013, I’ve written two bestselling books about the low FODMAP diet, traveled the country lecturing about the diet, sharing recipes and tips in my blog and recently launched my first online course about the low FODMAP-diet.

Kate Scarlata, RD 

For a digestive peace of mind, USA

Some of Kates work includes these books: 21 Day Tummy Diet and 21 Day Tummy Diet Cookbook (co-authored both books—21 Day Tummy Diet was a New York Times best seller) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Well with IBS. 

Lee Martin, RD 

R&M Dietetics, UK

Lee has recently published the first ever book dedicated to the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet. ‘Re-challenging & Reintroducing FODMAPs’ the book is a best practice guide which will walk you through the entire reintroduction process, whether you are a practitioner or patient. Learn more about reintroducing FODMAPs and his book at www.reintroducingfodmaps.com Twitter: @LeeMartinRD

Atlanta Miall, APD, AN, Provisional SDA, BND (Hons) 

Stream Diagnostics, AUS 

Atlanta is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and provisional sports dietitian, becoming an accredited sports dietitian in July 2016. Atlanta completed her Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University, the world’s leading FODMAP research University.  

Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD 

IBS Free at Last, USA

Patsy is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She provides medical nutrition therapy to Maine patients with irritable bowel syndrome and other gut disorders. Patsy was an early adopter of the FODMAP approach, and her 2009 landmark book, IBS— Free at Last! (Pond Cove Press) broke the FODMAP story to health care providers and consumers world-wide. Patsy invites you to connect on Twitter: @CatsosIBSFreeRD, Pinterest: pcatsos, Facebook: ibsfree and Instagram: pcatsos.

Dr. Marten Otten, gastroenterologists 

MC De Veluwe, Netherlands 

Dr. Marten Otten will present the results of The REDUCE Project that was recently held in the Netherlands. He was the leading researcher of this patient empowerment project. After receiving the diagnose IBS the treatment journey just starts for patients. The REDUCE project is all about ‘shared decision making’ and ‘the export of expertise’.

Anne Cox

Anne helpt, Netherlands

I am a certified psychologist and hypnotherapist. Additionaly I am vice-president of the Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists, and member of the Association of IBS-therapists. For over a decade, I have been working in my private practice at home. This is a generalistic practice, in which I combine forms of conventional mental health care with hypnotherapy. Using hypnotherapy, I treat a broad range of mental and psysical problems, of which IBS forms a considerable part. 

Toni Fiori, RDN, LDN  

For a digestive peace of mind, USA

Toni is a registered and licensed dietitian, specializing in digestive health. Toni and Kate have collaborated on several low FODMAP education handouts, many of which are utilized by health professionals worldwide! Toni shares her passion for nutrition and gut health in all areas of her work, including her work providing pediatric nutritional care for kids with food allergies, food intolerances and autoimmune conditions. 

Shaynie Ashkenazi 

FODMAP Friendly, AUS 

Shaynie Ashkenazi works as the Business Development and Marketing Manager at FODMAP Friendly. She is a university-qualified Nutritionist, with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition.

Marloes Collins 

Allergyplatform.com, Netherlands

Marloes is your host of this International IBS Summit. Over the last 13 years she has specialised in sharing knowledge about allergies and related health issues. She is an autor and international speaker. She helped thousants of people understanding more about their allergies and IBS throug her website Allergyplatform.com and FODMAP-diet.com.


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